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Plan properties

This is a basic concept of calculation of any compensation plan.

Plan property is kind of metric or indicator applied to specific position in the tree (in linear plans it means to specific member's account, but sometimes in other plans one member can have many positions in the tree).

If you regard compensation plan as KPI system which final goal is to calculate reward, plan property is one of this indicators. 

Values of properties for specific positions show how this member works.

We use the following types of properties, but in  custom compensation plan any other property can be used:

  • Volumes. Show personal or group volumes, nominated in CV or PV (points).
  • Ranks. Show current or maximum 'rank' or 'status' achieved by partner.
  • Bonuses. Show bonuses to be paid to partner (normally in any compensation plan there are a few bonuses, not just one).
  • Other. Account status (active or inactive), count of managers or directors in the frontline, and so on.

It's important to understand that properties applied to specific period (month, or week, depending on compensation plan).

Some properties are calculated in real-time. For example, when someone buy something he gets additional PV (personal volume). And this volume goes upline to increment GV (group volume) of members upon him.

Some properties are calculated on period closing, because they depend on other properties and they should have final value in order to calculate everything properly.

When period is closed, the cp engine saves all its values to history, so you can see historic values of the properties at any time in the onlineoffice or in NRM (see how).

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