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Payment rules

Since financial operations are possible in different directions and between different entities, rules are used to configure the platform for a particular business process.

The rules determine the conditions for performing an operation. In this case,the operations can be external or internal. In internal operations both, the source and the destination, are a virtual wallet inside the system. External operations are those in which either the source or the destination is an external payment system.

All types of operations are possible only if there is an appropriate rule.

The rule defines:

  • The possibility of an operation. No rule - no operation.

  • Percent forconducting an operation held in favor of the company.

  • The minimumand maximum amount of the transaction.

Suppose you have 2 wallet types in your system: Personal wallet and Bonus wallet. You can allow the transfer from the Bonus wallet to the Personal, while setting the condition - transfer at least $ 100 for one operation,creating the appropriate rule. Accordingly, the reverse translation will not be possible (without the separate rule).

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