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Data formats

In the "Configurator" / "Data Formats" section, you can view and set the format for all types of data used in application.
All data on the page can be edited. The name is a link to the data editing window. To save the changes, click the "OK" button.
Short date - select the date display in abbreviated form from the suggested options.
Long date - select to display the full spelling of the date.
Number decimal delimeter - select the type of decimal separator: period or comma.
Number thousands delimeter - select the type of thousands separator: period or comma.
Currency - select the currency display type.
Points - set  the points display in the application.
Points accuracy (Use the decimal part)  - check the box, if you want to display decimal part.
Account ID format - in the format of the account's certification number includes the display settings (if necessary):

  • leading zeros - specify the number of zeros in front of the account ID, for example "4" (2=>00002);
  • separation symbols - specify the number of characters to be separated, for example "3" (00002=>00 002).
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