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Integration with online shop: basic scenarios

There are several scenarios for integrating an online store with platform. The particular scenario depends on the business process of your MLM company. Here are a few typical options:

  1. Online store is used as a separate sales channel, “in parallel”.
  2. Online store is the main online sales channel.
  3. Online store is a tool for distributors.

1. Online store exists as a separate channel.

In this case, users (buyers) of the online store are a separate audience, different from distributors.

No special integration is required - visitors of the online store will be registered as ordinary retail customers, and they will buy goods at retail prices.

At the same time, in the online store you can create a page with an invitation to "join an affiliate program and buy at special distribution prices."

In this case, if a person wants to be not only a customer, but become a distributor, they can register and buy, for example, the same goods at special prices, but in their back office.

Such store can be integrated as an ordinary website; for example, using a referral link.

2. Online store as a sales channel for distributors

Users of the online store are supposed to register first, and register immediately into the network structure.

In this case, it is not necessary for a person to become a "distributor" from the very first registration – to receive special prices, bonuses, etc.

The user can be registered in "customer" status and buy at regular prices and not receive bonuses.

It is important here that this person will still be placed in the network, in the first line to the distributor who invited him. Then, this distributor (and his superiors, depending on the compensation plan) will be able to receive bonuses from this person's purchases in the online store.

This is the most common way to integrate an online store.

In order for it to work successfully, there is no separate registration in the online store itself - all registrations occur through the platform.

For this integration, it’s required to develop special integration modules on the side of the online store (using our API), or use ready-made integration modules for popular e-commerce platforms.

These integration modules can, for example, ensure that the catalog shows different prices depending on the status of the distributor.

3. Online store as a tool for distributors

It is possible that distributors make orders through a back office., and the online store is used as their own retail sales tool.

In this case, the online store operates as a personalized site. Each distributor has a link to the store - for example, - that is, in fact, their own store.

Users of the online store register in the store, make purchases as in a regular retail online store, but aren't placed into the network structure (and may even not know about the MLM structure in this company).

At the same time, all purchases made by these retail customers go on behalf of the distributor - the owner of the link (according to the terms of the compensation plan).

This integration option can also be done on absolutely any e-commerce platform, or ready-made integration modules can be used!

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